A magical journey

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Many of us love to travel around the world, which is not possible during this time of the pandemic. So, let’s take a short trip to Kyrgyzstan, a beautiful country with spectacular views and fascinating people.

I was privileged to travel in this wonderful country, with a group of friends and my partner. One day we reached the vanishing lake Su Kal which sits low and surrounded by mountains. Every year in the spring it fills up with water and during autumn it empties out through an underground drain. The sight is breathtaking. We sat on the ground and experienced guided meditation that led to a space of peaceful serenity and gratitude.

We visited a small village where we watched a group of young boys on horses and practicing lifting objects off the ground while riding fast. Their goal is to be skilled at expelling wolves that threaten the flock of sheep.


Many of Kyrgyzstan people, which is in Asia, run the traditional life of nomadic shepherds living in a Yurt. The Yurt is a nomadic tent made of tree branches tied with ropes and covered with insulated blankets made of sheep wool.

The lives of the inhabitants, despite the technology, are conducted at a different pace from the present-day world. The so-called slow living, without the race we experience in the modern world. They attached to the land  as farmers and nomads living in the Yurt, a thing that allows them direct contact with nature, animals and the environment.

 One can find the love and curiosity or perhaps even the differences of each one of us in the cups made from a folded clay slab. Various figures from around the world are carved on the tumblers, with the sgraffito technique. The portrait reflects the human nature - the difference and uniqueness of each one of us.

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The tumbler is used for hot and cold drinks, or as a pen and brush holder.It's excellent as a unique gift for a loved one.

I would love to read your comments and also your experiences from trips to places on our wonderful planet!

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