The Joy of Succulents

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Do you like growing plants? Succulents are wonderful plants, there are many kinds and it's a large varied family. Succulents are very resilient. The treatment required is minimal, they call for little water and can be raised in small pots. All of which makes them the perfect choice for decorating the house.



The combination of beautiful plants with handmade pottery is a special gift for a new home, or simply to make ourselves happy.

It is recommended to put small tuff stones at the bottom of the planter and on top of a soil mixture, in case there's no drainage.

Place a small plant in the bathroom to add the color and livelihood atmosphere. Hanging the plant with macramé is a great option. In summer, it is recommended to be watered once a week and in winter once or twice over the period. At irrigation, be sure not to water directly on the leaves but to water the soil.



Working in the garden and cultivating the plants will make you feel joy and relaxation. During spring and summer, staying in the garden is particularly pleasant in the evening.

In our garden I have many potted plants of succulents, my love for them began many years ago and since then I have different types. Sometimes their bloom is surprising. I found that they are rooting easily, so I exchange plants with a good friend. We give each other succulents that we cut and they are absorbed and grown beautifully. This way you can swap and not always have to purchase.


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