Portrait Porcelain Coffee Mug

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to sponsor a tree at the El Lugar resort.
This delicate white porcelain coffee mug will lovingly hold your beverage of choice! I invite you to stop for a minute and take a sip, organize your thoughts and enjoy your day with renewed energy.

This mug is handmade from a real thin slab of porcelain, which was folded to form this unique design. The handle is formed by hand to fit the graceful shape. On the surface, I carved the face after brushing a black slip. Grab this mug and enjoy your morning coffee or afternoon tea!
* Made of thin porcelain slab
* Hand formed design
* Glaze
* Fired in the kiln at 1220⁰C degrees
* Height: 3-1/2"/9 cm approximately
* Diameter: 3"/7 cm (without the handle)

Materials: White Porcelain, black slip, Matte clear glaze.
❤ Love, Shelly
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