Porcelain Flower Brooch

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This delicate, round porcelain brooch was hand-formed from a slab of Limoges porcelain*.
A tiny brooch that makes you look unique.
* White Porcelain*
* Hand formed round brooch
* Secure metal pin
* flower design etched with sgraffito** technique
* Fired in the kiln at 1220⁰C degrees
* Size: 1.37"/3.5 cm diameter

**Sgraffito: a form of decoration made by scratching through a surface to reveal a lower layer of a contrasting color, typically done in plaster or stucco on walls, or in a slip on ceramics before firing.
Every piece is hand-sculpted, slight variations can be between your item and the item photographed at the listing.

Materials: porcelain, black slip, metal pin

❤ Love, Shelly
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