ShellyClayspot is your place for rustic pottery gifts !

My mission is to enable people to get closer to nature and have a unique experience with ceramic ware.


1. Ceramic ware that speaks love
2. Back to basics
3. Attentive service
4. Inspired by you
5. Progression as a natural way

Are you looking for quality ceramics? Are you looking for customer services that satisfy your needs? ShellyClayspot is home to handmade ceramics with an artistic touch, a place where foodies who love to cook and bake and have friends over for parties or dinner can find beautiful rustic ceramics, tableware, home décor, and clay baking dishes, coffee and tea cups, decorated flower vases, ceramic plant pots, decorative tiles, nature-inspired porcelain jewelry and ceramic wall art.

I am a lover of art, I like handmade ceramics, like experimenting with different techniques and designs, and my favourite is the sgraffito. It is a form of decoration, typically done in plaster or stucco on walls, or in slip on ceramics before firing.

Sgraffito is an Italian word meaning “to scratch” and create an image. Using the sgraffito technique I can create personalized images.

I draw my inspiration from Mother Nature; I aim to bring nature inside, using materials which are sourced from nature and presenting images and objects which clearly represent it.

My goal is to ensure that my customers are always happy with what I deliver. I always aim to create ceramic objects that not only meet the customer’s needs but also inspire some sense of nature.

Apart from ceramic work, I am also a great lover of yoga; I practice it regularly, finding my inner peace, one that inspires love and spirituality, aspects that play a large role in coming up with designs that connect with my customers. I also love to bake and prepare healthy food and I believe that healthy and nice food needs to be served in dishes that bring out their best, and that is why I strive to make my customers ceramic pieces that will not only last but also appeal to the user.

Rustic ceramics give you durability, originality and items that represent beauty, sophistication and authenticity. I spend considerable time making ceramics in order to give my customers something that not only pleases the eyes, but the soul as well. The effort I take to create my ceramics, the attention I give to details and the elegance brought out, makes them not only unique but also a piece of art that represents reality. I value customer service, giving my customers the attention they deserve. Customers will be happy to find that their needs will be met, their questions will be promptly answered and complaints as well as compliments will be responded to quickly.

I invite you to have a look at my inspiring ceramic works, buy an item that will not only give you what you are looking for but inspire a sense of love, serenity and tranquility.